My Mother, Father, and Sister in San Dieago (you can see it at the horizon on the right).

Hears one of everyone (Hope your happy Kim)

Ansestors on the Kimling side.
George & *Eliza Althaver
John & *Teresa Saum
Peter & *Frances Saum
Mathias Jr. & Cecelia Kimling
John Kimling & Mathaias Sr. Kimling
Amelia Kimling
*Children of Mathias and Cecelia Bitz
Mathias Kimling was born March 14, 1831 in Ostrigen, Baden Germany and died April 6, 1908 in Monroe, MI.
John and Amelia Kimling were Emerson Kimling's parents.

Current Generations.
Rick Kimling
(My Uncle)
Larry Kimling
(My Father)
Roland Kimling
(My Grandfather)
The kid he is holding is me
Emerson Kimling
(My Great Grandfather)
Rick's Son

More on Emerson and his wife Bessie.
This is Emerson and Bessie's wedding photo.


Bessie LaVigne

Bessie LaVigne's Parents
Eli and Agnes Agnes

Bessie's Sisters
Alice Etta Gertrude

Bessie's Brother and Sister inlaw
Clarence LaVigne Clarence and Rosa

Clarence's Saloon in Martin OH